Options for Reworking Video Packages into Shorter Clips

Prompt: Describe how you might draw on some of the material you have already shot (photos and/or video) to tell a new story in a multimedia format (images, text, and video clips).  Describe how you would use existing material and what sort of additional material you might need to shoot.


I have extra interview footage describing the process of choreographing and coordinating the production of the Nutcracker. Additionally, there is b-roll of the directors talking about what they have left to do, and of them planning rehearsals. This could translate into a short clip about the producing side of the show.

Similarly, the “bloopers”-esque b-roll could help illustrate an audio clip from a talking head shot about how the rehearsal process is grueling, but still fun and goofy at times.

Lastly, many of the dancers I interviewed talked about the difference between being in The Nutcracker at Brandeis and being in other productions at their home studios. A third video could combine this audio with b-roll of the speakers dancing, and highlight the dancers’ assessment of Brandeis’ Nutcracker in comparison to their hometown Nutcracker shows.

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