Video Story Pitch


  • Post a pitch for your video story.
    • Try to select a story idea that will lend itself to the video medium by provide opportunities for shooting action.
    • This story will include multiple interviews, so please identify several potential interview subjects, as well as some questions you might ask them to tease out a story.
    • Once again, your goal will be to evoke character, place, detail, emotion, and drama by asking who, what, when, where, why, and how questions.  Try to address all five of these elements in your pitches.
    • Try to get me excited this story and explain what makes it newsworthy: Who else do you think might be interested in it, and why?

For my video story, I want to focus on the Brandeis Ballet Company’s ‘The Nutcracker.’ The production aims to be the first of its kind–Brandeis’ first full-length ballet. I will interview Hannah Schuster, the co-president, as well as cast members Polina P, Joanna M, Hannah D, Amanda E, Liza K, Frankie M, Lori S, and other dancers to get a wide range of perspectives on how the production aims to impact campus and how it feels to be part of Brandeis history. Interviewing dancers of all different class years will help represent different perspectives, and enable the story to relate to a wider audience. The audience I am appealing to is anyone interested in dance on campus, in the process of making art, or in how Brandeis’ extracurriculars are growing and changing.

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