December 10, 2018

Board Meeting with Guest Speaker

Thursday, November 16th at the Hadassah Meeting Room.  Board meeting at noon, speaker at 1pm.

Susan Sullam will speak on World War II: How Americans Rescued Europe’s Plundered Wealth.  The movie “The Monuments Men” told only part of a much larger story.  In 2013, Baltimore resident Susan Fisher Sullam uncovered hundreds of pages of top secret and classified files that belonged to her late father detailing the final, harrowing months of World War II.

As a member of General Eisenhower’s staff, Joel Fisher kept secret memos and papers detailing how Americans located and secured billions of dollars worth of gold, silver and currency plundered by the Nazis from the treasuries of occupied Europe.  His documents detailed how Americans had one month to recover Europe’s plundered wealth, cultural treasures and possessions of victims of the Holocaust before the Nazis could ship it to Switzerland or the Russians could get their hands on it.

Joel Fisher never discussed what he did during the war; however, Susan was able to piece his story together 17 years after his death. Her article was published in June, 2014 in the Washington Post Magazine.

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