BNC President’s Message / September-October 2020

Welcome to the 2020-21 Brandeis Desert Chapter new season. I do hope this finds you all safe and healthy. I do know how the last 6 months have exhausted our patience. I also know we must continue to keep up our spirits. With that in mind, our Board has been busy this summer researching and planning exciting, fun events for the membership. It is our goal to offer events that will make your days brighter, give you some entertainment and most of all, find virtual ways for you to connect and reconnect with your Brandeis friends. We know we cannot burst the bubble we are in, but maybe we can find ways to enlarge it.

In this bulletin you will find a list of Study Groups we are offering via ZOOM. Many of our groups have been meeting since April on Zoom and have found this an enjoyable experience. Due to our ability to ZOOM our meetings, most groups are now open to all members. However, when we resume our normal study group approach, we may have to make adjustments to groups whose membership has become too large.

There is a list in the bulletin, with descriptions, of all open ZOOM groups. If you are interested in any of these groups, call Carol Radin, our Vice President, Study Groups at 760 565-0029 for more information. If you are already in a continuing group, you will pay the annual $20 fee to your group Coordinator.

Brandeis National Committee has a group meeting policy in effect during this pandemic: THERE WILL BE NO IN-PERSON MEETINGS. We are grateful that Brandeis National Committee bought the ZOOM license enabling all our groups to meet virtually and keep our connection with each other.

REMEMBER: YOU MUST HAVE RENEWED YOUR BRANDEIS MEMBERSHIP IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN STUDY GROUPS. If you have not yet renewed, please do so through this bulletin, or you can renew online on our website:

We have wonderful events lined up for this season. Check out the YEAR AT A GLANCE page. You will be able to register online for Special Events in advance of each event. I look forward to seeing you in our ZOOM meetings.

Stay well and stay safe.

Marcia Plumleigh
760 310-1822

BNC President’s Message / Summer 2020

Hello everyone.

The summer is shaping up to be a busy one for many of our members. In spite of our isolation, we are connecting with our friends and family through ZOOM. ZOOMING is not a wonderful substitute, but it is a good one even though the hugs, kisses, and handshakes seem to be a thing of the past, at least for a while.

Brandeis is sending, via email, lots of ZOOM opportunities for members to engage our minds in activities that range from learning about the climate crisis, what’s happening in Israel, meditation, cooking, and virtual tours of the Brandeis campus and Art Museums, to name a few.

I urge you to take advantage of these virtual seminars and classes. They are excellent and offered at no cost to us. Making a reservation is very easy. So, please do open every Brandeis email and check out the virtual opportunities.

The Board is busy planning for next season. We will be offering study groups and special events via ZOOM. Some groups are already holding virtual meetings and I urge more of you to take advantage of the ability to meet all summer and include the snowbirds, as well. If you are interested, call me and I’ll set up the ZOOM meeting schedule for your group. My email and phone number are at the bottom of this letter.

Sign-ups for the new season will follow the usual schedule, with publication online sometime in September. Watch for it.

REMINDER: Renew your membership if you haven’t already done so. Go online to our
On the right side of the homepage, you can click on RENEW and take it from there.


Marcia Plumleigh
760 310-1822

BNC President’s Message

Welcome to the 2019-20 season. In a matter of weeks we will be hosting this season’s kickoff event – SHOWCASE — on October 23, 2019. And what a Showcase it will be. We will have some new additions to our usual program and, for the first time, wewill host a fashion show.
Merle Carrus, a BNC Vice President and our advisor, will be on the program presenting a short video of current Brandeis activity. Watch for the eblast announcing Showcase that should arrive in your email in mid-September.

Brandeis Desert Chapter was still having fun this summer. We had two very well-attended luncheons, one in July and one in August. A big thanks to Beverly Ross for her usual wonderful planning and organization for the luncheons.

This year Brandeis National Committee has announced a new focus for the fundraising effort: HONORING OUR HISTORY-TRANSFORMING UNIQUE COLLECTIONS HIGHLIGHTING SOCIAL JUSTICE. You will see the new campaign on some of the special events announcements as well as the SUSTAINING THE MIND Campaign, the fundraising effort that focuses on neuroscience research.

Your Planning Committee has been very busy since May, organizing new and exciting Special Events and Study Groups. In September, you will receive the email that contains the new groups and the continuing study groups that have room for new members. You will be
able to sign up on-line, as usual, or wait until Showcase to sign up. REMEMBER: IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF A CONTINUING GROUP NOT LISTED, YOU WILL SIGN UP AT THE GROUP’S FIRST MEETING. You will also note that the study group fee has increased from $15 to $20.

Now a few words about the change in the sign-up process for Special Events. The Planning Committee has streamlined the process so we can handle each event individually. At Showcase we will have information about all Special Events for the season. We will NOT have the sign-up process for Special Events at Showcase. You will receive eblasts for each Special Event throughout the season and will sign up accordingly.

Each year we have a good number of activities that require planning and organizing. And each year I see the same faces of our members that volunteer to work for our organization. I urge all our members to lend a hand in the effort to keep Brandeis Desert Chapter a viable and stimulating experience for all. Get involved! There are big and small ways to make a contribution to our Chapter, and a very big personal payoff in volunteering.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. It will be terrific to see you all again at Showcase, Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at the Desert Horizons Country Club. Be sure to watch for the eblast announcing Showcase.

Marcia Plumleigh

BNC President’s Message: Philanthropy ~~ Learning ~~ Community


Greetings everyone,

The end of January marks the completion of three special events.  In early January we held the annual University on Wheels.  For our newer members, this is an annual event wherein Brandeis University sends each chapter a faculty member to make a presentation.  This year on January 8 our chapter was very fortunate to host Professor William “Billy” Flesch, Professor of English, who presented “HOW MOVIES WORK’.

This was an outstanding lecture that focused on the essentials for script writing, cinematography, editing and acting that became standards in the industry from the beginnings of filmmaking. There was a lively Q and A session and those attending had an informative and entertaining experience. University on Wheels is always an outstanding program and I urge everyone to put this event on your January calendar for next year.

Game Day, held in conjunction with Sabra Hadassah, was a big success with 97 attendees. There were door prizes galore and a good time was had by all.

One other program, Bridging Cultures, is scheduled for January 31. Cecilia Cohen will present her usual excellent and intelligent program on foreign cultures, this time on North Korea.  Attendees will lunch on food from the region at a Korean restaurant, and learn about the cultures, traditions and challenges.  If you haven’t signed up, please do.  You are in for an educational and entertaining afternoon.

Our next very big event is the Gala at CODA Gallery. This is our major fund raiser for the year and I urge you to attend.  The money we raise goes to important neuroscience research at Brandeis and we need every member in our chapter to support this effort.

And there is an additional factor for members to consider.  Your special events team, the entire planning committee and individual members, work all year to plan events and study groups for our members enjoyment. I ask you to actively support those efforts by your attendance.

I hope to see you at the upcoming events.

Marcia Plumleigh, President



Annual General Board Meeting 2019

Annual General Board Meeting
January 21, 2019

Board Meeting, 9:30am
General Meeting with Keynote Speaker Ron Celona, 10:30am

12169 Turnberry Drive, Rancho Mirage
Home of Gail Baum and Larry Fox

All Brandeis Members are invited and encouraged to attend and bring prospective members. Guests can attend the Board Meeting and General Meeting to learn more about who we are and what we do!

Keynote Speaker
Ron Celona

Ron Celona, Artistic Director of Coachella Valley Repertory will give us an inside look at CV Rep, what it takes to put a new play together and also an inside look at what it took to establish CV Rep’s new home. Click here for Ron Celona’s bio.