August 4, 2021

The Last Two Weeks of The Sky’s the Limit

HotAirBalloons We look forward to seeing you and meeting new friends at our exciting 2015-16 Events. We have something for everyone!   Please look below at the chart to see if one of your events is listed. If you cannot attend an event, please let the coordinator know. The coordinator should call the next person on the wait list.

To see this spring’s events, click here.
To see pictures of some previous events, click here

Upcoming Events
No. Day mm/dd Time Event
44 Fri 06/17 10:00 Great Decisions -Couples
11C Wed 06/22 12:00 We’re Talking Movies C
61 Thu 06/23 11:30 Food and Friends
07 Sun 06/26 07:00 Sunday News Discussion Group
08 Mon 06/27 10:00 Mystery Book Club
09 Mon 06/27 12:30 Women in Literature
15B Mon 06/27 01:30 Knit and Stitch B
Sun 10/26 06:00 Ladies’ Night Out

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