September 25, 2017

Fall Needs for the Somerset Brandeis’s Social Justice Committee’s


Collection deadline Monday, September 25, 2017.

The Social Justice Committee’s  Jewish Family Service’s (JFS) Giving Circle Project is ready to collect items for our family’s Fall Wish List. (As you know, the family, deserted by the children’s father,  consists of a working Mom, a four year old year old son on the autistic spectrum and two year twin boys. The family has enjoyed the summer items we provided.

Pictures and thank you notes have been posted on the Somerset BNC website:

Here is the Fall Wish List for our JFS’s Giving Circle family along with delivery instructions and financial donation options which must adhere to Brandeis National Committee regulations. (An E-Blast is being sent to members in addition to this posting.)

Please submit checks, gift cards and gently used items by September 25, 2017* to
Margo Siroty 707 Thistle Hill Lane (Somerset Run) Somerset, NJ 08873 973-366- 4883.


  • Checks for new items should be made out to cash or Margo Siroty and deposited in the box at her front door. On Memo section of checks write: Somerset BNC G.C.
  • Gift Cards should be purchased from Walmart, BP, or EXXON and mailed to Margo or deposited in the box at her front door. Please put them in an envelope labeled with your name, address and phone number.
  • Laundered and gently used clothing should be left at Margo Siroty’s: Please call Margo at 973- 366-4883 to let her know what items you are donating and when you are delivering them..

Gently used and freshly laundered clothing:
Toddler Four (4T) : Slacks and jeans / Swim trunks and swim shirts (also known as rashguards)/ Shorts/ T Shirts (short and long sleeves)/ Socks/Pajamas/ T-shirts (short and long sleeves)/ Sweatshirts/ Pajamas/ Snowsuit (jacket and pants) Halloween Costume/ Any Holiday style shirts/sweaters
(Mom said she doesn’t need any clothing for the twins since they use the oldest boys’ clothing at this time.)

Art music items: Playdoh, putty, washable markers, extra large coloring pads and books, board to draw on, 2 toy vacuums. sturdy kids table with chairs

For Mom: Mom didn’t request anything for herself but she started a new job in September and could certainly use shirts/ sweaters (large) and pants (Size 10- 12.)

If you have questions, call Marilyn Altman: 732-868- 5463 or Margo Siroty: 973-366- 4883

Somerset Brandeis National Committee’s involvement has been a big help to this hard working Mom and her three little boys.

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