August 12, 2020

“Good News and a Thank You” from Jewish Family Service


Good News and a Thank You

We received good news and a warm “thank you” from Jewish Family Service’s (JFS) social worker for the recent Spring and Summer support Somerset BNC members provided to our Giving Circle family, Lauren and her young boys.

JFS advised us that they are now able to close our Giving Circle family’s case, explaining Lauren has achieved “stability in employment, housing and child care. Her oldest son, ….will be enrolled in public school full time. The twins will be home for another year receiving early intervention services for their developmental delays. Lauren continues to take courses to complete her teaching certification. Life is not without daily challenges but we believe that Lauren is equipped.”

Lauren and the boys have been part of JFS’s Family Mentor Program for two years (although the program is designed to provide support for a year with goals of empowering and strengthening families.) JFS will stay in contact, but will be able to provide services to a waiting family. The Committee hopes to work with JFS in selecting another family to sponsor.

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