December 5, 2021


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For further information email

or call 908-756-8845

For New Members and former members who have not belonged to BNC for 2 years:
$60 for individual membership, $100 for couples residing in the same household

Our chapter raises money for Brandeis National Committee by adding a small donation to the actual cost of each event.



Only paid-up members can enroll for trips and study groups. Enrollment will be open to others if events are not filled.

If you cannot attend an event for which you have registered:

  1. Notify the event facilitator by phone or e-mail
  2. Notify the Treasurer/Registrar, Ellen Schorr

If there is a waiting list, you will be replaced. If there is no waiting list you may find your own replacement.

We do not provide seating arrangements at restaurant functions. Making new friends is what Brandeis is all about. Please be flexible.

Please note on your registration form if you are claiming credit for previously cancelled programs.

Stay up-to- date by regularly checking your emails from Steve Levine, who sends out all of our program changes and reminders.
Non-members may attend 2 events in a lifetime for a fee that is $5 more than the fee charged to members.


If you are closed out of a trip your money will be totally refunded.
No credit is given for events you are unable to attend if your place has NOT been taken.
If you cancel out of an event and are replaced, you will receive credit for a future event.


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