September 22, 2018

Thank you for making Family Day extra special!

A “thank you” letter from the Center for Great Expectations.
To read click here: “thank you” letter

Fall/winter needs for the Giving Circle Project


Following the success of our first Jewish Family Service (JFS) Giving Circle project, the Somerset Brandeis National Committee Board of Directors (BoD) has approved our continued partnering with the JFS of Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties. As part of our Social Action Mandate we will help support a new family through JFS’s Giving Circle Program.

A single mother of three coping with the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed five years ago, Mom’s deteriorating health now involves speaking, walking, and vision. This fall, her daughter, age 17, will be a high school senior, and her two sons, ages 7 and 8, will enter second and third grades, respectively. Following their move last year from Trenton to Skillman, the transition has been difficult for the boys academically as the new school district’s curriculum proved challenging.
Nevertheless, the family is determined to give the boys the best support possible for them to thrive in their elementary education. They are both very active and love to learn about history and science. The boys love to play soccer, basketball, and football. Mom has expressed particular concern that she can’t meet all the boys’ needs because of their rapid growth.

Here is the Fall/Winter Wish List for our JFS’s Giving Circle family along with delivery instructions and financial donation options which must adhere to Brandeis National Committee regulations.

Please submit checks, gift cards and items by MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2018

to Margo Siroty 707 Thistle Hill Lane (Somerset Run) Somerset, NJ 08873.
Her phone number is 973-366-4883.


  1. Checks for new items should be made out to cash or Margo Siroty and deposited in the box at her front door. On Memo section of checks write: Somerset BNC G.C.
  2. Gift Cards should be purchased from ShopRite or Aldi’s and mailed to Margo or deposited in the box at her front door. Please put them in an envelope labeled with your name, address, and phone number.
  3. SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  ShopRite Gift Cards would be most appreciated for school supplies AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Gently used and freshly laundered clothing should be left at Margo Siroty’s. Please call Margo at 973-366-4883 to let her know what items you are donating and when you are delivering them.

• Mom – Small/ Med
• Daughter – small/ Size 2
• 8-Year-Old Son: Boy’s Clothing Size 12: pants, shirts, winter jacket, gloves, Size 3 sneakers and boots.
• 7-Year-Old Son: Boy’s Clothing Size 8: pants, shirts, winter jacket, gloves. Size 1 sneakers and boots.

If you have questions, please call Margo Siroty: 973-366-4883 or Marilyn Altman: 732-868-5463.


New bulletin is here!

Our new bulletin is here!

Click to view: September-December, 2018 Bulletin

“Good News and a Thank You” from Jewish Family Service


Good News and a Thank You

We received good news and a warm “thank you” from Jewish Family Service’s (JFS) social worker for the recent Spring and Summer support Somerset BNC members provided to our Giving Circle family, Lauren and her young boys.

JFS advised us that they are now able to close our Giving Circle family’s case, explaining Lauren has achieved “stability in employment, housing and child care. Her oldest son, ….will be enrolled in public school full time. The twins will be home for another year receiving early intervention services for their developmental delays. Lauren continues to take courses to complete her teaching certification. Life is not without daily challenges but we believe that Lauren is equipped.”

Lauren and the boys have been part of JFS’s Family Mentor Program for two years (although the program is designed to provide support for a year with goals of empowering and strengthening families.) JFS will stay in contact, but will be able to provide services to a waiting family. The Committee hopes to work with JFS in selecting another family to sponsor.

A Thank you letter from the Center for Great Expectations


A Thank you letter from the Director of Community Relations, Noreen:


Yet another Brandeis PhD wins Pulitzer Prize in History

Jack E. Davis, PhD’94, has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize in History for his 2017 book “The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea.” Davis is the third Brandeis PhD recipient to win a Pulitzer Prize in History since 2006.

In announcing the prizewinners on April 16, the Pulitzer Prize board described the “The Gulf” as “an important environmental history of the Gulf of Mexico that brings crucial attention to Earth’s 10th-largest body of water, one of the planet’s most diverse and productive marine ecosystems.”

Read more here: Pulitzer Prize in History for the book “The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea.”

BNC Microscope Campaign Announced

We are excited to announce that our new BNC campaign, Magnify the Mind, will officially launch on July 1, 2018.

The new campaign will further the advancement of neuroscience research through the purchase of a two-photon microscope. This new microscope will enable Brandeis researchers to observe brain activity in real time allowing our scientists to make new discoveries toward the treatment of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and autism.

We sincerely hope you will designate all your fundraising events and activities for this exciting campaign in FY19 to purchase a $500,000 resonant scanning two-photon microscope. Please share this at your board meetings, with chapter leaders and with incoming presidents.

New BNC campaign, Magnify the Mind

More details will be coming soon and please note the one-year campaign will launch on July 1st.

New bulletin for May – August programs is here!

Check out our programs for May – August 2018:

Calendar and Bulletin

Brandeis Professors Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey Hall win Nobel Prize

Rosbash and professor emeritus Hall win prize with Rockefeller University’s Michael Young for work on circadian rhythms

Brandeis University warmly congratulates Michael Rosbash, the Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience and professor of biology, and Jeffrey C. Hall, professor emeritus of biology, on being awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Read more here: M. Rosbash and J. Hall win Nobel Prize


BNC’s National Awards for 2017

We are very excited to announce BNC’s National Awards for 2017!
Congratulations to all of our winning chapters.

The Louis Brandeis Award

Goes to


This chapter succeeded in meeting its financial and membership goals, conducting a Brandeis authored study group, submitted its slate, bulletins, minutes, highlights planned giving and hosts a University on Wheels program (UOW) with a Brandeis featured speaker.

Membership Goal Awards
Cape Cod
Central Westchester
Conejo Valley
Northern Virginia
Santa Clara Valley
South Miami Dade
Staten Island
Washington D.C.

Financial Goal Awards
Cape Cod
Central Westchester
Conejo Valley
Los Angeles
San Dieguito
Santa Clara Valley
Staten Island
Washington D.C.

Your contributions support Brandeis libraries, science research and student scholarships. Thank you for all that you do for Brandeis University and wishing much luck and success in the 2018 calendar year. We are all so proud.


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