December 5, 2021

Events and Study Groups

The study groups and events that BNC Somerset hosts throughout the year are the heart and soul of the chapter. They act as a social hub while allowing our members to fulfill their need for knowledge. Study groups are recurring meetings led by a fellow BNC member while events are often led by a guest speaker or guide. Regardless of which our members choose to attend, we can guarantee they will learn something new while having fun. Our programming is designed to be informative and thought provoking, sometimes pulling from material compiled by Brandeis professors exclusively for BNC. We hosts events and groups spanning a range of topics to ensure that all of our members will have a topic of interest to learn about. In past years these have included theater, art, literature, tours, food, film, current events, technology and social media, and history.

Study groups and events have a cost associated to them in addition to the membership fee. Part of that cost is cover materials, space, and transportation, but part also goes towards the Brandeis libraries, scholarships, and research in the form of a donation.

Stay tuned for this year’s study guide, coming soon!

Curious about topics we’ve explored in the past? Take a look at previous study group lists.

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