June 23, 2017

Past programs


June, 2016

Program 0601, Wednesday, June 1, “Princeton University Art Museum Trip”
We carpooled to Princeton and had a docent-led tour of “By Dawn’s Early Light: Jewish contributions to American Culture from the Nation’s Founding to the Civil War.”

Program 0608, Wednesday, June 8, “A Trip to the Dey Mansion”
We drove to Wayne for a docent-led tour of the newly refurbished Dey Mansion. The mansion was built between 1740-50 by the Dutch-born planter Dirck Dey, whose family rose to prominence as high-ranking members of the military and government. It was Washington’s HQ after learning of Benedict Arnold’s betrayal.

Program 0615, Wednesday, June 15, “Wine Tasting at the Beneduce Vineyards”
The Deluxe Tasting is a tasting of five of the wines that have been handpicked by the winemaker to show the winery’s best seasonal offerings. The wines are paired with a selection of 5 artisan cheeses produced both internationally and nationally to enhance the wines. The winemaking tour is a short walking tour of the wine-making facility that gives an overview of how the wine is made and the winemaking philosophy.

Program 0621, Tuesday, June 21, “Movie: A Very Long Engagement”
“Amelie’s” Audrey Tautoo stars as Mathilde, a young French woman who vows to find out what happened to her missing fiancé during WW1. He appears to have died after a Court Martial sentences him to go on a mission in no man’s land Mathilde needs to know for sure. As she looks for the truth, she discovers unexpected things about herself and the people she meets along the way.


July, 2016

Program 0706, Monday, July 6, “Movie: A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness”
This is a 2015 documentary film about honor killings in Pakistan. It was well received by critics and earned widespread critical acclaim. This film won an Academy Award in the Documentary Short Subject category.

Program 0726, Tuesday, July 26, “Mary Cassatt: A Brush with Independence”
This lecture was presented by professional artist Barbara Yaney. It concerned Mary Cassatt, who as a young woman left Philadelphia and went on to change the art world. This is an extraordinary story of a woman who defied tradition, a painter whose work captivated Dégas, and who was the only woman asked to join the French Impressionists.


August, 2016

Program 0801, Wednesday, August 10, “Travels in North Vietnam”
Worldwide travelers Irv and Dorothy Vogel took us to Vietnam via their wonderful photos. North Vietnam is a wonderful, mountainous piece of Vietnam that few people visit. The war did not take place in this area. The residents are not ethnic Vietnamese but are hill tribe people called the Montagnards by the French. Our armchair trip took us from Hanoi to the Chinese border.

Program 0816, Tuesday, August 16, “Spirit of New York Lunch Cruise”
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! This 2-hour narrated lunch cruise around the New York Harbor took place on a ship that offered climate-controlled dinning and an outdoor observation deck. Fifteen historic NY sites were observed as we enjoyed a sumptuous buffet.


September, 2016

Program 0913, Tuesday, September 13, “Duplicity, Immorality–The Greatest Theft in Art History”
Belle Rosenbloom has worked with Holocaust survivors in DP camps and was a Director of Hias. She is a student of art history. The thrust of her PowerPoint presentation was the chicanery in the return of art stolen during WWII and the lack of restoration to its rightful owners, even with proof of provenance. The fight to right these wrongs is still ongoing. She discussed some of the masterpieces involved and the “Degenerate Art” label given to them by the Nazis.

Program 0920, Tuesday, September 20, “University on Wheels”
One of the many advantages of being a BNC member is our access to outstanding Brandeis faculty such as Thomas Doherty, Professor of American Studies. He was recently recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an Academy Film scholar. He presented a program on “The Great American (Television) Novel.”

Program 0927, Tuesday, September 27, “Secret Lives of the First Ladies”
Retired teacher Susan Addelson, who worked with the New York Times education department, discussed “Why are they called First Ladies? What is their role in America? Have any changed the course of our history (good or bad)? What expectations are there for this unelected position? How has the public perception of their importance affected our views of their presidential spouses? How does their role compare with other nations’ spouses?

Program 1019, Wednesday, October 19, “A Day in Historic Bethlehem”
Highlights of this delightful trip included a tour of the 1741 Gemeinhaus, Bethlehem’s oldest building and a National Historic Landmark. It houses a museum that tells the stories of the Moravian founders. This five-story log structure, the largest 18th-century log building in the United States, served as home, school, church, and workplace during the community’s earliest days. After a buffet lunch, we had a docent-led tour of the Kememer Museum of Decorative Arts.

Program 1027, Thursday, October 27, “Greek Religion, Architecture, and Food”
Did you ever exclaim, “It’s all Greek to me!”? This excursion took some of the mystery out of Greek religion, architecture, and food. We met at the Greek Orthodox Church on River Road in Piscataway for a guided tour and to learn about the historical aspect of the church as well as the Orthodox Christian faith. After the tour we dined sumptuously at the Pithari Taverna in Highland Park.

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