July 23, 2017

Events attendance / refund policies


Our chapter raises money for Brandeis National Committee by adding a small donation to the actual cost of each event.

Refund Policies

Events are planned long in advance, and money is spent for tickets, transportation, and speakers’ fees well before events take place. Therefore, no refund can be given for events you do not attend unless your place has been taken. If you are not able to attend an event:
Call the treasurer/registrar,
Ellen Schorr (732-868-1147 or 908-868-4559),
to see if there is a waiting list. If there is, you will receive a credit for a future event, and the next person on the list will attend in your place.

In addition, call the event facilitator to notify her that you will not be attending. This phone number will be in the Bulletin under the listing for the event.
If there is no waiting list, you may find your own replacement and will then receive a credit for the event. You should notify both the treasurer/registrar and the event facilitator.
If an event is cancelled or you are closed out of a trip, your money will be totally refunded.
The treasurer/registrar does keep a record of credits, but it will be helpful if you keep track of any credits you have accrued and note on your registration form if you are claiming credit for prior events.

Attendance Policies

A) Paid-up members can enroll in events anytime from the time the Bulletin listing events comes out until the date shown in the Enrollment Deadline space for that event, if there is room. If events are not fully subscribed, enrollment will be open to others. Non-members may attend 2 events as guests as long as all members have been accommodated. Non-members will be charged $5 more than members.

B) We don’t make seating arrangements at restaurant functions. Making new friends is what Brandeis is all about. We are sure you will be flexible and inclusive of our new members.

C) Those events using carpools need to be arranged on your own. Check the list of others attending and call someone you feel comfortable with. WE DO NOT ARRANGE CARPOOLS. Thanks for your cooperation.

D) Very important note:
For all trips we take, a separate waiver must be signed by all attendees for each trip. If you signed up for a trip, the waiver will come to you along with the trip reminder.
The signed waiver MUST BE BROUGHT WITH YOU the day of the trip, or you will not be allowed to participate. In addition, a separate waiver must be signed once a year for participation in bus trips. All Brandeis members in every chapter must adhere to this rule. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Stay up to date by regularly checking your emails from Stephen Levine who sends out all of our reminders, etc.

Stephen uses:

Be sure to follow #1 and #2 in the Refund Policies above by remembering to make the necessary calls if you are unable to attend an event.

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