June 6, 2023

Spring events

At BNC Virginia, we are thinking and planning for the spring! Check out our latest bulletin for events. Click here for more information.

Event: Brandeis Fall Showcase – September 6th

Join us for the continuation of an annual tradition! The Fall Showcase is a wonderful way to reconnect with other BNC NoVa members and learn about the offered study groups and events. There will presentations, food and drink, and the chance to sign up for study groups at the event.

No matter which activities you end up registering for, you can be sure you will expand friendships, be exposed to new ideas, and know that you are helping BNC’s MAGNIFY THE MIND campaign to further neuroscience research.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Please RSVP by August 31st. Further details are in bulletin.

Event: Book and Author – September 30th

BNC North Virginia invites you to our Fall Book and Author Event! This event, which some of you may remember from last year, is anticipated to be just as exciting and enlightening. Moderated by Robert Siegel, we will be hosting authors Steve Israel, Dina Gold and Ron Balson.

Robert Siegel has made his mark over the radio waves as a long-time presence on National Public Radio. His illustrious career includes acting as host for NPR’s All Things Considered from 1987-2017.

Congressman-turned-novelist Steve Israel takes on guns and politics in his book Big Guns. When an arms manufacturer CEO feels threatened by a national handgun ban campaign he convinces legislature to introduce a bill mandating every American own a gun. But when the gun issue comes to the CEO’s backyard, a local election turns a small town into a national battle ground for pro- and anti-gun partisans.

Dina Gold’s Stolen Legacy is a non-fiction historical narrative of the legal battle to reclaim family property. In the 1930s the building her mother’s family business resided in was taken from them as part of the Nazis’ campaign against Germain Jews. In 1990, Gold walked into a German ministry to reclaim the family building and set off a long-running legal case, the likes of which have never been written about before. In the process of writing this book Gold delved into archives and brought to light shocking discoveries.

Attorney, educator, and writer Ron Balson brings us his novel The Trust. Set in Northern Ireland, Private Inspector Liam Taggart returns to an estranged family for his uncle’s funeral. Upon discovering his uncle was shot and of a secret trust, Liam must confront old family grievances and catch the killer. Little does he know he is about to step into the middle of a firestorm.


Please see the Bulletin for further information.

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