April 1, 2023

Study Groups

Study Groups, also called Learning Opportunities, are an important part of BNC NoVa’s mission to encourage lifelong learning. Study groups are composed of recurring and special one-time events surrounding a certain topic. Fellow BNC members often lead and host groups with periodic expert guest presenters. Through its association with Brandeis University, BNC NoVa also has special access to learning materials created by Brandeis professors. Study groups are a wonderful way for members to expand their knowledge, engage in fascinating discussion, and meet other people who are just as passionate about learning and supporting an institution such as Brandeis. Every year we are careful to create study groups and events spanning a variety of topics to ensure there is something of interest for everyone. In past years, topics have included cuisine, Jewish culture and history, fine art, theater, law, music, and literature.┬áIf you have suggestions of study groups you would like to see in the future, feel free to reach out to our chapter leadership!

At the start of every BNC year the chapter hosts a Showcase event for members to learn about individual study groups before deciding which to sign up for. Forms and descriptions can be found in the bulletin.

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