by John Rudy

We’ve been hearing a lot about sharks lately, especially as sightings on Cape Cod Bay become more frequent.  People in Massachusetts are worrying about it even though hardly anyone is injured or killed by sharks.  We would do well to worry about a much more imminent danger.

It has been estimated that 80,000 people died of flu in the US during the 2017-18 season.  Many others did not die but were much sicker than they might have been if they had been vaccinated.

According to the CDC, the flu vaccine reduces the odds of getting  the flu by about 60%.  But, of course, that total varies from year to year and among different groups of people.  Still, it’s a significant number.  And yet, too few get the flu shot.   Click here for more information from the CDC.

For all adult age groups, flu vaccination coverage estimates in the 2017–18 season were at their lowest levels compared with the seven prior flu seasons. For the 2017-18 season, flu vaccination coverage increased with age, from 26.9% among adults 18-49 years to 59.6% among adults ≥65 years.

I got my flu shot on Friday at CVS, and it cost me nothing (Insurance coverage).  For seniors (I do not recall the definition of “senior”), they give the higher dosage.  I’ve done this every year since the flu shots came out.  In my experience, there is no pain, no soreness, no side effects.

I suggest that, this year, all of you do the same.

BOLLI “Matters” feature writer John Rudy

Our Tech Guru and Creative Chef has been branching out into travel writing and now health advice for us Seniors!  Thanks, John–

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