Well, BOLLI friends, it’s time, once again, to ask for your help.  The most challenging part of managing our blog is getting enough material to post on a regular basis, which is, at least in part, why we’ve had fewer and fewer posts over the course of the past several months.   And so, I am appealing to you.

Please contribute to this publication which is, in essence, a venture all about US–who we are, what interests us, concerns us, moves us, inspires us, and more.  Your contribution does not need to be a formal item–you can share ANYTHING you like!  And, in fact, as we have all been more “sequestered” in the past several months than we had been accustomed to prior to this pandemic, our blog offers us a chance to tell each other how we’ve been managing this time.  Think about sharing–

  • ideas or questions you’ve been considering
  • books, tv shows, or movies you’ve enjoyed during this time
  • crafts, hobbies, pastimes you’ve returned to or begun to explore
  • walks, hiking trails, beautiful spots you’ve discovered or rediscovered
  • new year’s resolutions? old year’s farewells?
  • photography, poetry, prose, etc.
  • interviews of fellow BOLLI members for “Meet Our Members” features (if you like, you can just send me information about members you’d like to see featured, and I’ll take it from there)

There’s really no limit to the possibilities here.  So, please send material!

BOLLI Matters editor Sue Wurster

Send material, suggestions, ideas, etc. to or use the comment box here to share with all.

Thank you!


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