“Megan Curtis Joins BOLLI Staff,” by Alorie Parkhill (from the Banner Archives – March 2013)

“I am a people person,” reflects Megan Curtis cheerfully, flashing her winning smile. Her warmth, intelligence, and organizational skills will serve her well in taking over a demanding role as BOLLI Program Administrator. With Ilana’s* helpful guidance initially, Megan looks forward to beginning at Turner Street on March 5th. We are delighted to welcome her.

The job description for this position includes seeking, organizing, and supervising volunteers, empowering people to create their environment and quality of life. She will also take charge of organizing and improving the physical space at Turner and the volunteer office at the Rabb School on Old South St. Megan will be maintaining and upgrading BOLLI A/V and Web capacity. Part of that role will be to support members’ ability to use our equipment. Megan will be promoting events, including classes, speakers, and groups. She will, of course, be coordinating regularly with both Avi and Ilana.

The majority of her time will be spent “moving about the learning environment, meeting with members, collaborating with leadership, maintaining the space, and trouble-shooting issues as they arise for membership or with equipment.” As primary staffer for our class and social space, Megan will be based at 60 Turner Street. Ilana’s office will remain in Old South St.

Megan’s experience as Volunteer Coordinator at Beacon Hospice and Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly has given her rich opportunities both to recruit and to train volunteers. Both of these tasks require a subtle touch. With characteristic energy, she facilitated the addition of 41 volunteers from the original four at Beacon Hospice. At Little Brothers, Megan planned and implemented many events to engage clients. She has gained perspective from these jobs on what it means to involve people in contributing to the common welfare. Megan communicates a deep respect for others. Working in hospice can be “intense and emotional,” requiring a balanced perspective. When the interviewing team asked how she managed potentially contentious situations, her response was that she “depersonalized the situation and remained calm,” important behaviors in any group.

Megan relishes reading, volunteering, and being part of the lives of seniors. She believes that “enrichment and social opportunities are very important for older adults.” She most values work that “includes a convivial environment, a clear set of goals, and opportunities to learn about people.” You will no doubt see Megan regularly around the Gathering Space, making connections and being helpful wherever she can be. By all means, introduce yourself, and join us in welcoming Megan Curtis into our community.

*(Editor’s Note – Ilana Levine Seidmann)

5 responses to ““Megan Curtis Joins BOLLI Staff,” by Alorie Parkhill (from the Banner Archives – March 2013)”

  1. Marty Kafka says:

    Megan is part of the backbone and vitality at BOLLI.
    Thanks so much for your competence and generosity of spirit.
    I certainly hope you are here for the long haul.

  2. Ruth Bramson says:

    Congratulations to Megan. She has always been a welcoming face to all BOLLI members, new and returning. I wish Megan much success in this expanded role and know our members will greatly benefit from her presence.

  3. Stephen Messinger says:

    Eight great years. A major asset to BOLLI and all lifelong learners.

  4. Susan M. Schmidt says:

    If I have one memory of joining BOLLI back in 2018, it was of Megan and what a tremendous help she was and continues to be for me. She always is “there” when a problem or question arises. I had to laugh, when I read back in the 2013 article, that she “will be maintaining and upgrading BOLLI A/V and Web capacity. Part of that role will be to support members’ ability to use our equipment.” I’ll bet Megan had “NO” idea how much the BOLLI community would be so dependent upon her and the other wonderful staff on learning ZOOM during the era of Covid. We are so lucky to have Megan. Happy 8th Anniversary!!!

  5. Rosalie Fink says:

    Meghan has done an outstanding job this past year of orchestrating large Zoom lectures and question and answer sessions. I have been impressed by her enthusiasm, intelligence, and excellent public speaking abilities. Bravo, Meghan! We’re lucky to have you!

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