“Cartoons by Sam Ansell”

Sam Ansell

We can all use a laugh, and who better to provide one than the Banner’s own in-house cartoonist, Sam Ansell? We hope readers enjoy this second look at some of Sam’s best.


                         “Fluttery will get you nowhere!”


             Damn it Rapunzel, I said, “Let down your HAIR!”



          “All the same, I feel sorry for the poor Red Sox.”          


                                  Greetings from the Banner Team!

7 responses to ““Cartoons by Sam Ansell””

  1. Elyse Friedman says:

    Excellent! Thank you!

  2. Ostrow, Steven says:

    at last I see where Sam’s cartoonist fame stems from –in strange times, thanks for smiles all around!

  3. Marty Kafka says:

    I REALLY enjoyed these cartoons and your sense of humor.
    Please keep posting your creations.
    Laughs are good for Longevity and can have direct anti-viral effects.

  4. Bonnie Alpert says:

    I’ve always loved your cartoons, Sam. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Joyce Lazarus says:

    These are great, Sam!
    Thanks so much for sharing them.

  6. Chas. Raskin says:

    Sam–just wonderful cartoons-so much fun. Thank you.

  7. Brian Boggia says:

    Sam and Na’ama were great housing advocates for the Town of Wayland. The Town owes them a debt of gratitude. Great people. Best to Na’ama.

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