Story Proposal

22 02 2017

My main story I had in mind for my first project is a piece on one of the founders of the Brandeis chapter of Net Impact, a club which promotes the potential of business to be both profitable and a source for social and environmental good. Brandeis’ undergraduate chapter was originally envisioned by senior Heather Spector and with the help of her co-president, junior Jake Greenberg, they created the chapter during the 2015/2016 school year.

My main thoughts in this piece are potentially focusing on the background of what got Heather interested and involved in sustainable business practices, what sparked her actually decision to create an undergraduate chapter, and what problems and roadblocks she encountered in this process, along with highlighting her efforts to combat lack of awareness and involvement between the club’s core members and the business community at Brandeis.

  • Who instilled the lessons of responsible business practices in her growing up?
  • What made her decide that this is where she wants to focus her energy?
  • When was that crucial moment where she knew “This is what I want to be doing”
  • Where did she go to start embarking on such a project when there was no undergraduate precedent at Brandeis?
  • Why Net Impact? There are many similar organizations around the world, what made her connect her and her teams’ efforts to this one in particular?
  • How does she see herself and Net Impact moving forward? How will she handle the new struggles of growing something for others vs just creating something for yourself and like-minded individuals?

I hope to grasp a sense on how these values become so instilled in someone that they decide to spend so much of their free time involved in such efforts. I want a sense of the character of this young woman, the sorts of values, beliefs, and assumptions that drove her to where she is. How does the place, Brandeis, present some unique opportunities and challenges that may not always be readily apparent? Obviously I want the details of the background and process that brought her and Net Impact here. Emotion will be integral here, as this is a field where people often have to precariously balance their desires for improving the world with the sensibilities of turning over profits, trying to mend those seemingly divisive forces. This ties into the drama, where the internal struggle often becomes external, as the struggle of priorities one faces in entering this realm become struggles you encounter in others as you try to increase involvement.

Ultimately, I hope that these elements will come together to present a unique and insightful view into a member of the Brandeis community who is doing her part to change the way we operate and perceive business both in our communities and worldwide.



One response to “Story Proposal”

28 02 2017
Mark Dellelo (19:35:15) :

This pitch sounds promising, Bryce, though I don’t yet have enough of a sense of the “what” and “how” of it–i.e., what specifically does the club do to promote social and environmental good, and how do its members engage in this promotion? So be sure to cover those areas in your questioning. Also, what are your ideas for photos?

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