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28 03 2017
  1. There’s been some recent controversy in Newton about affordable housing developments. A new project, called Washington Place, is being proposed to be built on the corner of Washington & Walnut St in Newton, in an area referred to currently as Orr Block. Washington Place is meant to include mixed-income housing and retail space in the development. Support for the project has been mixed, with some feeling it will bring much needed housing, and other stating they believe it is an infringement on Newtonville, a village within Newton, and will rapidly change the neighborhood. At this time I see myself needing to further research the structure of Newton and the differences in jurisdiction between Newtonville and the city as a whole. I would also look to attend upcoming public events or hearings related to the project, as well as reaching out to both those involved in the proposal and the business owners and residents in the area, to gauge feelings and rationale behind the mixed perspectives. This is the main story I am pursuing.


2. Eversource recently asked the Department of Public Utilities to approve rate increases which would increase profits by about $300 million. AG Maura Healey intervened and asked the Department to reject the proposal. 1.4 million state residents us Eversource services and the estimated bill increases were expected to be at least $100. Healey believes consumers already struggle to keep up with costs of living and believes that Eversource makes profit margins unreasonably large for a public utility. Eversource claims their profits have largely gone towards improving the power grid and that rate hikes are required to keep improving. I have connections at a consumer advocacy group in Cambridge and may be able to get an interview with them, along with ones from consumers who use Eversource and a possible company representative. Essentially it would focus on the different perspectives and how such a drastic rate hike could affect everyone.

3. The last story proposal is more of a feature type story than hard news. A woman in Natick, Kristina Burkey had a car crash into her store front window on March 19, destroying it. However, many in the community have gathered together to support the woman despite her store being relatively new, at under a year old. About $7,500 has been raised in the 8 days since a gofundme page was created. I would look to focus on her story of what effort took into creating the store, how the crash happened, and what she’s doing going forward. I would also look to interview the community member who created the page for her along with other local business owners to see how they may be involved in the cleanup and what this means to them and their stores as well.



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