BBN Technologies is a legendary R&D organization that creates technology and leverages the resulting intellectual property to produce advanced, repeatable solutions. such as the Boomerang shooter detection system. Speech and Language is one of the largest research groups in the country and advances the state-of-the-art in speech and natural language processing through the development of novel algorithms and techniques and creates custom solutions in translation, language understanding, and document/image analysis. Current projects include: TransTalk, BBN Broadcast Monitoring System, Machine Reading, and video analysis.

AVOKE Caller Experience Analytics leverages 30 years of BBN research in speech recognition, language processing and call center optimization to provide an innovative new analytics solution. Our mission is to make call centers satisfying for callers and efficient for the companies that operate them.
Brandeis Connections: Michael Shafir, Mike Crivaro, Nick Botcham, Aaron Levine, Alex Nunes, Anya Korneyeva, Cory Massaro, Adam Berger, Heather Lourie, Hannah Provenza, Jose Molina

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