Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT) is a small Artificial Intelligence R&D company headquartered in Minneapolis with an office in Lexington Center. We do basic and applied contract research for government agencies, principally DARPA, and publish our results at academic conferences. Everyone codes. Everyone contributes to proposals and collaborates on papers. Interns have mentors to introduce them to their projects and the SIFT culture so they can immediately contribute. We have active projects in all areas of natural language, from the simplest bag of words to the deepest semantic and pragmatic analysis. At our Boston office we are in the middle of a multi-site research effort in collaborative dialog for DARPA. SIFT as a whole also works on problems in cyber-security, planning and plan recognition, games with a purpose, supervisory control, and human factors.
Brandeis connections: Current: Alex Plotnick,  Past: Amandalynne Paullada, Chris Ward

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