Justin Su from QPID talks about Machine Learning in Healthcare

Machine Learning Approaches to Evaluate Clinical Evidence Quality

Justin Su
NLP/ML Engineer, QPID
Friday, November 10 at 3:00
Volen 101
The Data Science team at QPID has conducted a machine learning project to develop an approach that decides which request for a medical procedure are clinically appropriate based on clinical information from the patient’s medical record provided by a human user. In this talk, I will present and compare various machine learning and deep learning models that we have experimented to identify supportive clinical evidence for a given procedure.
Justin Su graduated from the CL MA program at Brandeis in 2017, and joined QPID Health as an NLP/ML Engineer. He does a bit of everything at QPID, which includes software engineering, NLP, machine learning, data science, and baking. 

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