BBN Technologies is a legendary R&D organization that creates technology and leverages the resulting intellectual property to produce advanced, repeatable solutions. such as the Boomerang shooter detection system. Speech and Language is one of the largest research groups in the country and advances the state-of-the-art in speech and natural language processing through the development of novel algorithms and techniques and creates custom solutions in translation, language understanding, and document/image analysis. Current projects include: TransTalk, BBN Broadcast Monitoring System, Machine Reading, and video analysis.

AVOKE Caller Experience Analytics leverages 30 years of BBN research in speech recognition, language processing and call center optimization to provide an innovative new analytics solution. Our mission is to make call centers satisfying for callers and efficient for the companies that operate them.
Brandeis Connections: Michael Shafir, Mike Crivaro, Nick Botcham, Aaron Levine, Alex Nunes, Anya Korneyeva, Cory Massaro, Adam Berger, Heather Lourie, Hannah Provenza, Jose Molina

Burning Glass

Burning Glass Technologies delivers job market analytics that empower employers, workers, and educators to make data-driven decisions. Burning Glass is reshaping how the job market works, with data that identify the skill gaps that keep job seekers and employers apart and tools that enable both sides to bridge that gap and connect more easily. The company’s artificial intelligence technology analyzes hundreds of millions of job postings and real-life career transitions to provide insight into labor market patterns. This real-time strategic intelligence offers crucial insights, such as which jobs are most in demand, the specific skills employers need, and the career directions that offer the highest potential for workers.
Burning Glass’ applications drive practical solutions and are used across the job market: by educators in aligning programs with the market, by employers and recruiters in filling positions more effectively, and by policy makers in shaping strategic workforce decisions. At the same time, Burning Glass’ data-driven applications for workers and students help them choose career goals and build the skills they need to get ahead. Based in Boston, Burning Glass is playing a growing role in informing the global conversation on education and the workforce, and in creating a job market that works for everyone.
Brandeis Connections: Adam Berger, Alex Nunes, Noa Naaman, Xinhao Wang


CallMiner helps businesses and organizations improve contact center performance and gather key business intelligence by automating their ability to listen to every customer interaction. CallMiner’s market leading cloud-based voice of the customer analytics solution automatically analyzes contacts across all communication channels: calls, chat, email, and social. CallMiner offers both real-time monitoring and post-call analytics, delivering actionable insights to contact center staff, business analysts, and executives. The results include improved agent performance, sales, operational efficiency, customer experience, and regulatory compliance. With over 10 years of industry leadership and over 2 billion hours of conversations analyzed, CallMiner serves some of the world’s largest call centers, delivering highly effective, usable, and scalable speech analytics solutions.  Locations: Waltham MA, Ft. Myers FL

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon is SAAS company working to surface consumer insights to enterprise companies with a strong focus on social media listening and analytics. We empower our clients search through nearly 1 Trillion social media posts for content related to their brand, target audience, or any topic of interest and understand both the conversation and the communities of people participating in it.
As a research scientist, I work to help improve our search and text analytics capabilities across. In the past, as part of my work I have had the opportunity to train completely new models for text classification, created new visualizations to reveal interesting patterns, and expanded existing capabilities to new languages.

Boston MA

Brandeis students and alumni: Colin Sullivan


Interactions: For your customers, checking an order or fixing a problem can sometimes be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Interactions virtual assistant solutions turn frustrating experiences into productive conversations. Unlike other automated applications, Interactions solutions are built with our patented Adaptive-UnderstandingTM technology that delivers unprecedented comprehension. So your customers can speak in their own words – and accomplish more in less time. Each month, Interactions helps millions of our clients’ customers get things done. Why make things complicated when the right choice is simple?

Optum Analytics

Optum Analytics is a clinical intelligence company that powers health care, life sciences, and research organizations to make better-informed, more effective decisions. Our cloud-based analytics solutions create a longitudinal view of both individual patients and patient populations. We gather, normalize, and analyze data from disparate sources that, uniquely, span the continuum of care–including EHRs, Practice Management Systems and claims.
Optum NLP is at the heart of the process, extracting structure from billions of free-form physician notes. NLP data is combined with our other data assets to form one of the largest actionable pools of healthcare information in the world.
Big Data is ushering in a revolution in health care. We are looking for scientists and engineers who are excited by the idea of using their skills to make a difference in this field. We have the infrastructure and the data to enable that revolution–we are looking for people who want to be part of it.

QPID Health

QPID Health streamlines mandated quality reporting for hospitals and medical groups. Providers cut data abstraction costs and get the credit they deserve for the care they deliver. Our applications leverage our powerful clinical reasoning software, which combines natural language processing (NLP) and clinical logic. The software locates & synthesizes patient facts by analyzing both structured data fields and free form text in electronic health records.
Boston Connections: Michael Shafir, Mike Cravaro, Nick Botcham, Justin Su, Yuanyuan Ma


Rakuten, Inc. is the largest ecommerce company in Japan, and third largest ecommerce marketplace company worldwide. Rakuten provides a variety of consumer and business-focused services including e-commerce, e-reading, travel, banking, securities, credit card, e-money, portal and media, online marketing and professional sports. The company is expanding globally and currently has operations throughout Asia, Western Europe, and the Americas. Founded in 1997, Rakuten is headquartered in Tokyo, with over 10,000 employees and partner staff worldwide. Rakuten’s 2013 revenues were 518.6 billion yen.
Rakuten Ichiba, our Japanese ecommerce site, is named after Rakuichi-Rakuza, the first free and open marketplace in Japan. When used as a verb, raku is written with a Chinese character meaning to enjoy oneself. The same character is used in Rakuten’s name, which means “positive spirit,” because we believe that shopping should always be entertaining. These words symbolize the forward looking nature of our business, hence the name, Rakuten, Inc.
Brandeis connections: Aaron Levine


IBM Watson Group is a leading-edge start-up business within IBM, charged with ushering in the new era of cognitive computing. Watson mirrors the same cognitive processes as humans with the ability to ingest massive amounts of unstructured data. At IBM Watson Group, we’re transforming a range of industries and professions from medical research and diagnosis to investment guidance and customer service. You can see some of the impact that IBM Watson is making at or you can start building apps yourself with the Watson Developer Cloud at
We have opportunities across the business, whether it’s developing code, conducting research in the cognitive space or implementing solutions for clients

Basis Technology

For over 20 years, Basis Technology has been a pioneer in machine learning, revealing meaningful information and intelligence out of raw, unstructured text. The Rosette platform, accessible on premise or SaaS, gives businesses and government agencies around the world the necessary interoperable linguistic tools for deep knowledge decision making. We work with companies large and small who build applications spanning social media monitoring, risk and compliance, identity management and security scanning. The Rosette® platform adds a wealth of powerful functionality, from pure linguistics to entity, name and relationship centric analysis in Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages, to any underlying search or database infrastructure.
Brandeis connections: Zachary Yocum, Justin Su, Anna Astori


Spotify is changing the way the world listens to music. In Boston (Davis Square) we do this by making Spotify more relevant, personal, and natural through applying machine learning, natural language processing, conversational systems, and much more to the world’s largest and richest collection of music-related data. This good work is nurtured in an amazing culture based on what we value most: passion, innovation, sincerity, collaboration and playfulness.


Linguamatics transforms unstructured big data into impactful insights to advance human health and wellbeing. A world leader in deploying innovative natural language processing (NLP)-based text mining for high-value knowledge discovery and decision support, Linguamatics’ solutions are used by top commercial, academic and government organizations, including 18 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US National Cancer Institute, Cancer Research UK, and leading US healthcare organizations.