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Audio-Slideshow ideas

For my multi-media slide show, I think I would like to write something relating to music. Some ideas I’ve had are possibly interviewing students and faculty in the Brandeis music department, or possibly interviewing a Bob Neiske for a profile. Image wise I could include pictures of the Jazz ensemble rehearsals or of shows in the city I could go to. There will be one Bob will be playing at this weekend that I could go to and photograph to start building my slide show. Visually I could get some really interesting shots with a telephoto lens up close to the instruments themselves. As far as the interviews go I could possibly ask him about his experience in music and more specifically his role as a director. Jazz musicians, I’ve found, tend to have a very interesting cadence to the way they talk especially when they talk about music and their own history in it, so aurally it would be very interesting as well. I’m not sure what I’ll want to center the interview questions around just yet but I think this is a solid idea and I think I am going to run with it.

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