My name is Zachary Gordon, I’m a second semester freshman at Brandeis University and am enrolled in a multi-media course here.
So I’ve started this blog to keep up with the requirement and it’s where I’ll post my various interviews and projects over the course of the semester.
My interest in Journalism mostly started with my interest in music. In terms of a career writing for an arts magazine or doing photo journalism of something music related. Something in radio also interests me. I am also interested in documentary and enjoy long form journalism. Basically the only thing that is clear is that I have an interest and that interest could go a lot of directions.
On campus I have worked for the Hoot for a semester and usually read the work of my fellow writers in the sections other than arts which is what I write for. This semester I am hoping to have a radio show on WBRS where I hope to do some journalism along with music.
Off campus I read the New York Times regularly and often read articles in the Guardian and BBC.
Where this career path and these blog postings take me is unclear but it is here for now and I’ll see where it takes me. Welcome to Constellation Media.