My second idea for my multimedia project is to focus on the lives of instrumental music teachers in and around Boston. This story will be a clearer continuation of the stories I have already done for this class and will provide a sense of continuity to my work. The link for each of my stories obviously being music, this story will focus on the everyday lives of the men and women who teach it. The impetus for this story comes out of my radio package, where my interviewee, Bob Nieske, informed listeners that nearly all professional musicians have to engage in some form of teaching to supplement their income.

I would begin by focusing on Steve Kirby, a Berklee guitar instructor who teaches lessons not only in Boston but out in Waltham at Brandeis. I would take an initial interview with Steve to establish where else to go and who else to talk to, with the goal in mind of getting on campus at Berklee College of Music and interviewing instructors and students about how they make their livings as musicians in Boston. With music as the focus I would keep my trend of audio-rich story telling. I would be able to get a lot of footage of musicianship and images of the lives of these teachers. Again as with every one of my stories I will let it develop as I interview and take footage but I think I could get a lot of compelling material out of this story idea.