Video Story ideas

For the video story, I have the following two ideas for now:

First, I am interested in how people are preparing for their post college life. I am thinking about doing a video of several people talking about their attitude toward graduation and maybe their plan after. The video will also include their actions in preparing for the job interviews, networking etc, and the actual events themselves.

Second, I am just curious… is it okay if I do a documentary on Getz Lab? I want to have both staff and students who are using the lab taking about their thoughts about it, like how do they like it. The B-rolls will be like how staffs are helping the patrons, and their organization of the lab, and some wide shots of people working here. Maybe even a time-lapse of people going in and out the lab.

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  1. Hi Darren,

    I think the Getz Lab would be a better topic for a video than your other idea, because there are lots of opportunities to shoot staff and community members in action as they work on media projects using lab resources. But I would like you to flesh out this pitch. How will you represent the various activities around running the lab, providing service, and using the lab’s resources to be creative? It might be interesting to get a couple of different perspectives–from lab staff and lab patrons, and from different areas of focus: video, audio, photography, graphic design. What sort of questions could you ask each of your interview subjects to tease out a story that has a good narrative arc and that draws a picture of some interesting personalities, coming together as a community?

  2. Hi! I think the Getz one sounds a lot more interesting, because it offers more opportunity for visuals. I’m not sure what you would shoot about people’s post college plans, or about job interviews. Assuming you do the Getz video you should definitely put it up on the Getz Facebook, it would be good publicity

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