Elections at brandeis

Shalom all!!!

I am glad, truly glad, to begin writing this blog and reflect my feelings about the upcoming elections in the United States, and how the Brandeis campus “behaves” during this unique time.

As many of you know, I am now in my second year at Brandeis Brandeis University. , and I like it a lot! Here at Brandeis, our community of Brandeis is committed to social , and many students would define themselves as liberals.


To me, seeing how our campus looks like and feels like in the next coming months is truly exciting and important. My biggest question would be: Are non-liberals Brandeisians would feel safe to express what they feel and believe in? Has, as President Obama mentions in the attached video, our campus also become a place where people do not listen to the other  sides? Does our campus still allow everybody to express his or her views? Can a real dialogue between liberals and non liberals at Brandeis can take place? Let’s figure out.