The Doping Narrative

In our rush to anger at the Russian doping scandals riddling the 2016 Olympics, we are quick to forget the protection we owe the individuals who risked their lives to bring an element of equity to Rio.  The Stepanova’s were primary informants in the Russian doping scandal, as Yuliya submitted video evidence of Russian doping.  This has brought the couple and their 3 year old son into the Russian governments line of fire, and led to their WADA account being hacked.  The family is staying with a friend while fearing for their lives, but save for this brief NBC article they have been all but left out of the doping narrative.  Considering the Stepanova’s risked their careers, and even their lives, in order to make competition more honorable, they have not received the protection owed to them by all of the countries that benefited from their exposition.

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