Pulling the Heartstrings- the stories we want to read

As humans we are primarily interested in ourselves, then in our neighbors, then in the rest of the world, according to sociologist theory by Walter Lippman.  In searching for interesting stories, I have searched for relatable stories, which readers will feel a personal connection to.  Tal’s electoral debut is a story that effects Brandeis students, as he is our newly elected representative.  But he is also our neighbor, who we live with and see everyday, making him an intuitive subject of curiosity.  This desire to know what is going on around us, combined with the emotional appeal of Tal’s time in the army and his heartfelt desire to lead the Class of 2020, makes this a prime public interest story.

Ashley and Josh’s story is very interesting to the reader, because it is a tale of friendship.  Friendship is a universal experience, and their particularly close friendship inspires elements of nostalgia in the reader.  As male/female best friendships are more unusual, this creates an underlying theme of potential story-tale romance, further hooking the reader.  The promise of a kitten or puppy is the clinching aspect of this story, as baby animals are widely loved, and cats and dogs are considered to have near-familial levels of importance here in the US.  All in all, this is a sweet, quirky story, that is a fun read for all audiences.

Friends Theme Breeds Friendship in Electoral Race

Class elections typically come and go with little fanfare each fall.  A nonevent, they are compiled of people voting blindly for friends, deleting the email in a bout of apathy, and abstaining due to lack of knowledge of candidates.  This past month marked a change in this pattern, as Senator to the Class of 2020 Tal Ritchman went above and beyond his opponents, uniting quads and setting the bar high for future candidates.  Having served in the Israeli Army for the past four years, Tal felt that he was a natural choice to lead the Class of 2020, and intended to leave no doubt in his classmates minds that he was the best choice for senator.  He combined forces with a diverse group of students to shoot a promotional video in the style of the friends theme song, which he then posted to the 2020 Facebook page.  This campaign tactic was the brainchild of fellow first-year Hannah Cook, who recognized Tal’s potential and took on the role of his campaign manager.  Despite not knowing each other, the two gathered friends and shot the creative video.  When combined with Tal’s extensive election day campaigning in the lunch room, this dogged and unique take on political campaigning resulted in a decisive win for Tal, and for the Class of 2020.

A Kitten Bridges the 333 Mile Gap Between these Lifelong Best-friends

Since childhood, Brandeis first-year Ashley Bass has been joined at the hip with her SUNY counterpart, Josh Tokman.  Though their bond has always been indisputably strong, attending colleges 333 miles apart was a daunting concept to the pair, and so they developed a plan to keep their playful friendship active despite the distance.  Josh challenged Ashley to complete 5 consecutive pull-ups, in order to receive a kitten from him as compensation for this extreme show of strength.  This much anticipated pet has resulted in Ashley working out daily to build her strength, and enlisting the help of her fellow students to create a engaging and effective training regimen.  Ashley in turn has challenged Josh to do 25 push ups with her sitting on his back, in order for him to receive a puppy.  This contest has had the friends’ competitive nature’s stoked since August 5th when they developed the challenge, and is keeping them in constant contact as they update each other on their progress.  This fitness challenge will culminate when the pair finally reconnects over the holidays, and they can go head to head to prove their strength.