A Kitten Bridges the 333 Mile Gap Between these Lifelong Best-friends

Since childhood, Brandeis first-year Ashley Bass has been joined at the hip with her SUNY counterpart, Josh Tokman.  Though their bond has always been indisputably strong, attending colleges 333 miles apart was a daunting concept to the pair, and so they developed a plan to keep their playful friendship active despite the distance.  Josh challenged Ashley to complete 5 consecutive pull-ups, in order to receive a kitten from him as compensation for this extreme show of strength.  This much anticipated pet has resulted in Ashley working out daily to build her strength, and enlisting the help of her fellow students to create a engaging and effective training regimen.  Ashley in turn has challenged Josh to do 25 push ups with her sitting on his back, in order for him to receive a puppy.  This contest has had the friends’ competitive nature’s stoked since August 5th when they developed the challenge, and is keeping them in constant contact as they update each other on their progress.  This fitness challenge will culminate when the pair finally reconnects over the holidays, and they can go head to head to prove their strength.

2 thoughts on “A Kitten Bridges the 333 Mile Gap Between these Lifelong Best-friends”

  1. This pitch is less compelling. It doesn’t seem as though there is much of a story here beyond what you’ve already stated. I don’t have enough of a sense about Ashley and Josh as unique individuals, and the story of their friendship seems too similar to so many other long-distance relationships.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    While I like the message, this story could be challenging for several reasons: Firstly, it is very specific to the relationship between these two friends. This project is meant to highlight one person and it seems that this story needs both Ashley and Josh. Additionally, while this story might interest people, it is centered more on Ashley and Josh’s pact rather than who they are as individuals. Maybe you explore something along the lines of the challenges of being a new college student in terms of keeping in touch with old friends.

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