Second Video Pitch

My second story idea for the video project is to focus on Brandeis’ a cappella groups.  There are many a cappella groups on campus, and the audition process to be in them is selective.  Students go through try outs and call backs, ultimately hoping to land a coveted spot in the group of their choice.  I could interview students who recently went through the selection process on that procedure, as well as how they are enjoying the group they have been placed in.  I could also interview group leaders on the exclusivity of the system, on their practice and performance schedules, and on the sense of community and culture within different groups.  It could be interesting to compare the differing cultures that have emerged in different groups.  A cappella often has movement incorporated, in addition to the obvious musical components of their performances.

One thought on “Second Video Pitch”

  1. This is also a good topic, Elizabeth. It will be very important to get good audio if you choose to pursue it, so we should talk about strategies for that. I like the idea of focusing on one or two groups that involve choreography in their routines–shooting a rehearsal and/or performance for these groups could be a great opportunity for getting some action footage. And I think your idea to speak to people about the audition/selection process could yield a good story. Are people placed in a certain group after a general audition, or do they audition for specific groups?

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