New Project Ideas

For my final project I would like to shoot pictures and video while I am home in Salem for Halloween.  Salem, Massachusetts is a town that is renowned for the experience it provides during October.  This is the Halloween season, which is especially important in Salem because the witch trials took place there.  This causes hundreds of thousands of people to be drawn to Salem throughout October and for Halloween weekend, leaving the town somewhat of a disheveled ghost-town in the days following this huge event.  I would like to take photos and video of Salem in the aftermath of Halloween, now that the tourism that keeps the town afloat has died down.  I could videotape and photograph key community events such as the Thanksgiving football game, and the Deck the Halls seasonal competition, as well as obtain footage of the town in it’s relatively empty state.  I do not have footage of Halloween, but could probably obtain some photos from other people, for an element of contrast.  I could also shoot interviews with longtime residents or potentially community leaders such as Representative Keenan.

Rugby Explained

Here at Brandeis University there are many different women’s club sports, of varying popularity.  Some, such as frisbee, have a huge following.  Others, such as rugby, struggle to maintain a full team, despite excellent coaches and leadership.  What follows is an exploration of the differences between those two particular sports, and what draws girls into less popular sports such as rugby.