Rawley Heimer and David Simon,  both Brandeis Ph.D. students, will be completing their degrees and will be on the job market this year. They have presented their research in the main Research Seminar Series this fall and both will be attending the American Financial Association Annual Meetings and the American Economic Association meeting in San Diego.   Their bios are as follows.



Rawley Z. Heimer’s research is primarily concerned with the behavior and performance of individual investors, drawing from a new, proprietary database extracted from a Facebook-like social network for retail traders. Much of his research suggests that social interaction can explain the over-trading puzzle whereby individual investors trade actively and under-perform the market. His most recent work explores how leverage constraints affect investor performance and behavior. His work has been presented at Yale University, Cass Business School, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 7th Annual Central Bank Workshop on the Microstructure of Financial Markets in Stavanger, Norway, the EFAs, and FMAs. He will be presenting his work at the American Financial Association Annual Meetings in San Diego, CA, 2013. Rawley is a graduate of the University of Rochester and an accomplished jazz/funk guitarist.




David Simon’s research fields concern the role of networks and social interactions in finance as well as market microstructure. His recent works explain observed behavioral characteristics of traders in financial markets, including the popularity of active trading strategies, the survival of unprofitable technical trading strategies and the high variation in news trading profitability. His work has been published in the Review of Finance and presented at the 7th Annual Central Bank Workshop on Market Microstructure, the Eastern Financial Association meetings and the Cass School of Business among others. He also serves as Director of Research and Head Trader at EMA, a Waltham-based investment partnership. David is a graduate of Colgate University and a native of Hungary.


General information on all Brandeis Ph.D. candidates in Economics and Finance can be found at http://www.brandeis.edu/global/career/employers/phd_job_candidates.html


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