Congratulation to Brandeis Ph.d. student Nabeela Alam, who received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in August. She is on the job market this year, and she will be sorely missed as a Teaching Assistant and researcher at Brandeis.


Nabeela Alam’s current research informs the aid effectiveness debate by explaining some of the political and commercial motivations behind giving and receiving foreign aid.  Her research suggests that donors’ aid commitments are senstive to election events and electoral competitiveness in aid recipient countries, and that aid flows are further mediated by donor-recipient trade relationships.  Given the strategic considerations underlying aid allocation, she also studies how the increased economic importance of China relates to shifts in global political alignments with the United States in the UN General Assembly. Nabeela’s research interests include behavioral economics, particularly the role of social norms and institutions in development.  She graduated with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences from MIT, and recently earned her PhD in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis.


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