The Brandeis Economics and Finance Review (BEFR), a student-run organization that allows Brandeis students a to write and publish pieces relating to economics, was first established in the Fall of 2010. After a year on hiatus, the organization is back this semester and is expanding its presence on campus.

BEFR actively encourages participation from Brandeis students of all skill levels and specific interests. From students who are just taking their first economics class, to students in the Masters of Finance program at IBS, there is an opportunity to write for BEFR.

The journal exists as both an online and print publication, with the two geared towards different types of writing. The website articles are often shorter in length and involve any topics pertinent to business and economics, and often deal with current events. The online journal provides a great opportunity for students who are only getting started on their economics coursework to get thinking about economics in a real-world sense.

BEFR’s other avenue, the print journal, publishes more traditional research papers. It is published each semester and is circulated throughout the Brandeis community. While the contents of the print papers can also vary widely, it allows students with more experience to explore a topic in more depth, using relevant data and research to back it up. The organization encourages students who are doing or have already done research for a class, project, or senior thesis to consider submitting an adjusted version of their work for the print journal.

BEFR also publishes articles by Brandeis faculty, in order to bring the research being done by the department to the attention of the greater Brandeis community, and to expose students to the valuable perspectives of our professors.

If you are interested in writing for or learning about BEFR, please email Sara at or Manoo at


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