Professor Graddy’s latest work on the economics of the arts has recently been accepted for publication in the Journal of Economic History.   The title of her paper is “Taste Endures! The Rankings of Roger de Piles (†1709) and Three Centuries of Art Prices.”   This research documents the popular and critical success of the art critic Roger de Piles’ controversial rankings in his table known as the “Balance des Peintres.”

Roger de Piles (1635-1709)

Roger de Piles (1635-1709) was a French art critic who decomposed the style and ability of 58 different artists into areas of composition, drawing, color and expression, rating each artist on a 20 point scale in each category. Based on evidence from two datasets that together span from the mid-eighteenth century to the present, this paper shows that de Piles’ overall ratings have withstood the test of a very long period of time, with estimates indicating that the works of his higher-rated artists achieved both a greater return and a higher critical acclaim than the works of his lower-rated artists.


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  1. Michael on April 11, 2014 4:37 am

    thanks for sharing the detail information for professor kathryn graddy …and also publish her work on the 17th centuary.

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