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The International Business School and the Economics Department have 6 Ph.D. students who are finishing this year and are currently looking for jobs.   These students are profiled below, with links to their websites and CVs.


Deniz Civril
Website  and  CV

Fields: Primary – Applied Econometrics, International Trade, Labor Economics; Secondary – Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, International Macroeconomics

Dissertation: “Trade Exposure and Technological Changes: Implications for the U.S.”

References: Catherine L. Mann (Dissertation Chair), Judith M. Dean, Ricardo A. Lopez




Elona Rika
Website  and  CV

Fields: Primary: Financial Markets, Applied Econometrics, Asset Management; Secondary: International Finance, Portfolio Allocation, Empirical Finance, Behavioral, Asset Pricing

Dissertation: “International Portfolio Allocation, Home Bias and Consequences to Performance”




Jeremy Kronick
Website  and  CV

Fields: Primary – Macroeconomics, Monetary policy, International Development.  Secondary – Applied Econometrics, International Trade, Macroprudential Regulation

Dissertation: “Structural Vector Autoregressions and the Real Economies of Developed and Developing Countries”

References: Catherine L. Mann (Dissertation Chair), Judith M. Dean, Davide Pettenuzzo


Jing Ren
Website   and   CV

Fields: Primary: Banking and Corporate Finance, specializing in issues related to systemic risk. Secondary: Macroeconomics, Development Economics

Dissertation: “Interconnectedness and Systemic Risk: Stock Return Correlations and Contagion due to Syndication”

References: Blake LeBaron (Dissertation Chair), Debarshi K Nandy, Elif Sisli Ciamarra


Vina Nguyen
Website  and  CV

Fields: Primary – Macroeconomics, Housing Market and the Real Business Cycle, Learning Models. Secondary – International Trade, Applied Econometrics, Development

Dissertation: “Macroeconomic Implications of Uncertainty, Adaptive Learning and Demographic Changes”

References: George J. Hall (Dissertation Chair), Catherine L. Mann, Daniel L. Tortorice, and Ricardo A. Lopez


Sarah Le Tang
Website   and   CV

Fields: Primary – Macroeconomics, Development Economics. Secondary – Applied Econometrics, Computational Economics.

Dissertation: “Three Essays on the Dynamic of Factor Demand: Evidence from China”

References: Gary H. Jefferson (Dissertation Chair), George J. Hall, Raphael Schoenle


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