Economic Department UDR’s Peter Walton, Sara Shahanaghi, and Felix Liu Ku organized a Q&A panel on the U.S. Healthcare, with a focus on the Affordable Care Act. Panelists included Professor Mike Coiner, Professor Darren Zinner, Professor Dominic Hodgkin, econ major Felix Liu Ku, and HSSP major Noah Newberger. Moderated by Economic Department Chair Professor Katy Graddy, panelists were asked to respond to questions that included the following:

“What is the impact of the ACA on patients ability to make choices about their healthcare? Is choice overrated?”

“The U.S. faces higher average healthcare costs than any other country in the world. Does this mean that U.S. citizens are receiving the highest average level of care as well? If not, where does this money go?”

Responses were well-informed by facts on healthcare in it’s current state and it’s evolution over the past decade. Attention was given to how patterns in healthcare provision and costs have evolved due to the ACA. Panelists also provided insight into what may become of U.S. healthcare in the coming years. The well-attended event was exceptionally informative. We thank all the panelists for their time and efforts!


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