Professor Nader Habibi was interviewed by Jim Zerroli for the NPR program All Things Considered on the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Iran.  To listen to or read the read the article, click here.  

In an article in Fortune, Professor Dan Bergstresser discusses predictable surprises due to our aging infrastructure.  He argues that Our continuing deferral of this needed reinvestment amounts to a national debt that is as real as the U.S. Treasury’s stock of borrowing from capital markets. Read the full article here.  

Professor Peter Petri was on Marketplace to discuss his recent work modeling the economic impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  See

In his article, Has the economy lost its influence on Turkey’s foreign policy?, Professor Nader Habibi addresses the question: Is Turkey still a so-called trading state that puts economic interests first, or has it abandoned this type of diplomacy in favor of ideological and security objectives?

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