As part of the Brandeis Alumni Weekend in June 2021, Inspector General at the Department of Justice Michael Horowitz ’84 and eminent Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward took part in a Zoom forum entitled Transparency, Oversight, and Accountability in the Post-Watergate Era: What Does the Truth Accomplish?  Moderated by Professor Maura Jane Farrelly, American Studies, […]

Bobby Sager, Economics ’76, successful Massachusetts businessman turned international philanthropist, recently paid for the restoration and re-installation of the Park Street Church bell in Boston. For over 60 years, the peal of the bell, heard on the Common and around Downtown Crossing, was from a recording. The bell had not been rung since 1960 because […]

Professor Nikhil Agarwal ’08, currently at the MIT Department of Economics, explored in this April 2021 YouTube presentation when and who to vaccinate against Covid. He concentrated on how the economic pressure to lift mitigation measures was offset by the fear of creating a public health disaster if thoughtful targeting was not considered. Whilst the […]

Dr. Karen Palmer ’81 discusses the goal of decarbonizing electricity and how to make power distribution more equitable On March 9 2021 Dr. Karen Palmer, Econ ’81, PhD, Senior Fellow and Director, Electric Power Program at Resources for the Future, was interviewed for Episode 119 of the Resources Radio podcast. The focus was a recent […]

Published November 9, 2021, Professor Nader Habibi‘s article China’s Economic and Strategic Relations with the Levant Region explores the increasing economic, technology, and infrastructure investments China has been making in the area since 2000. Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, and Syria, the countries Prof. Habibi concentrates on in his study, have all enjoyed substantial and mounting […]

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