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My name is Adam Gurfinkel. My interests as a journalist are fairly widespread for the time being. I have some ideas however for feature pieces within the local and Boston community.

One of my housemates participates in an after school program for Waltham community children. He teaches them to rap. I think that can be nice thing to report on. What do children rap about? How similar can it be similar to radio, top 40 rap songs? I consider the explicit content of some rap, for example, and wonder how exactly do the adults in the room guide such activity?

Another idea is the Grubstreet novel incubator program in Boston. I think it’s worth shedding light on how writing can be more done in more of a community setting. This can do away with the notion that writers are solitary figures when in fact there is a lot of excitement in working in a group setting than there initially seems to be. I think it can bring solace to kids on campus who think that their efforts must be quiet and concentrated.

An on campus interest of mine is what films students are making as well as the day in the life of some particularly noteworthy/busy people. Usually there is little fanfare for student films and I think reporting on them can bring a little more excitement to these students who are pursuing something outside of titles like doctor or esquire.

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