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May 10, 2017

Poverty in Silicon Valley.

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Maria Buenrostro, a caseworker at Sunnyvale Community Services, explains another housing problem: the issue of the mobile home conversion process:


Homelessness: An Invisible Struggle

Here, Marie Bernard and Marie Barlahan of Sunnyvale Community Services discuss

how homeless residents live: out of view.

Who’s Helping?

Luckily, community members and volunteers in the Bay Area are ready and willing to help those struggling. Here are three women working a non-profit in Sunnyvale: Sunnyvale Community Services, where homeless clients can come in and get emergency financial help as well as free produce once a week. For all of these women, the job is personal and rewarding:

February 2, 2017

Two Pitches

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Last semester, a boy on my floor wrote and recorded a whole album at school and put it on spotify. I think he would be an really interesting subject for a story especially for Brandeis students interested (not only those interested in music) because the album is about his experience his first semester at Brandeis. Some questions I could ask him would be: Who or what is this album about? How did you get into music? What difficulties did you encounter trying to record this at school? What has been your experience with the musical opportunities/community on campus? When did you work on this album? What does making music mean to you and what inspired the decision to make this album in such a short amount of time? In terms of photos for this story, I think the most obvious ones would be to photograph him playing his instrument, and also his recording setup. Since the album is about school, I could take pictures of places on campus that are referenced or relevant to the music on the album.


I know a girl who was on the Brandeis soccer team, which went to the “Final Four” for their division this year for the first time. I think this story is interesting in in of itself because of the historical season, but I think her perspective would be particularly unique. As a freshman and a player who did not get much playing time, her interpretation and experience would be different than interviewing the star player. Some questions I could ask her would be: What did getting this far mean to the team? What was the significance of this to you as a first-year? Explain the team dynamic and atmosphere throughout the season and how that changed or didn’t change leading up to and during the final games? What do you bring to the team? What are you and/r your team looking forward to or planning for next season? Although I cannot get pictures of the actual


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My name is Emma Bers. My experience with journalism has so far been entirely on the side of the reader/listener/watcher. I am interested in getting well out of my comfort zone and learning about the reporting and especially the writing and production sides of journalism. I’m interested in writing for television and radio and equally interested in learning more about the technical aspects of editing that material.  In general, I am a pretty shy person and I think taking a journalism class will push me to be more outgoing. I also believe knowing more about how pieces are created will made me a more informed and thoughtful media consumer. As far as types of stories I am interested in, they are pretty widespread.

As far as on campus, there are many events going on that get such limited publicity, and I have a hard time getting people to go to hear speakers and other performers or notable people. It would be interesting  not only to attend and cover these events but also explore why so many of these events are so sparsely attended.

An on campus news story that happened recently was that construction began on new dorms near the Castle. Although the construction itself isn’t all that interesting, I always find new buildings of interest and I think the Brandeis community does too. I think the dorms are supposed to be energy efficient, which is not a feature of many buildings on campus as far as I know.

It is difficult to choose just one off-campus news event that interests me. Right now, though, the Berkeley protest in response to Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled visit to campus is especially striking to me. I think this story has so many angles and facets to explore. The story involves on a basic level, violence and more examples of protests that have seemed to be constant since Trump’s inauguration. There were fireworks, bonfires and police intervention, all of which are interesting and newsworthy on their own. More interestingly to me, however,It also deals with the idea of free speech and what that means to different people. Critics slammed the protest for shutting down free speech because the protesters were successful in cancelling Milo’s speech. Others disagree and say that the protest itself was an expression of free speech. This story also hits home for me because I live very close to Berkeley and know many students who attend and witnessed the protest first-hand.

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