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Month: August 2013

3 Weeks Before Classes Begin

It is now officially 3 weeks before classes begin, 2 weeks before late registration ends and about one week before regular registration ends and I still have NOT registered for my fall course! I figured I would let all the other students that really wanted to take the course get a seat first. I know that is very considerate of me. At this point there are about 5 seats left in the course, if I don’t jump on registering now then my track towards renewing my educational dream (as uncertain as I may be) will be gone. Well that’s being dramatic, what I mean to say is that my goal will just be delayed and I’m sure I’ll be facing this decision again when I receive the message to register for the spring term. So what am I waiting for again? I’ve already settled it that I can do this…then why the delay?? Maybe I’ll ponder that some more before I register after all I do have a few more days!

First Day of Registration!

register_now_buttonOk…first day of registration has arrived! I psyched myself up for registering for a course weeks ago and now the day is finally here to register! Yippeee….I think, maybe, sort of. I think my confidence level dropped over the last couple of weeks.  Do I really have the time to take a course this fall? I have to get my son ready for preschool, the holidays will be coming up soon. I thought I was ready but really there is so much to do between work and home, should I really be doing this now?? I could probably come up with a million excuses to not enroll in a course and if I don’t bite the bullet and register, I’m sure I’ll regret in September when everyone has settled in their schedules and I’m left with nothing to focus on for myself, once again. Here does nothing…..I guess….

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