It is now officially 3 weeks before classes begin, 2 weeks before late registration ends and about one week before regular registration ends and I still have NOT registered for my fall course! I figured I would let all the other students that really wanted to take the course get a seat first. I know that is very considerate of me. At this point there are about 5 seats left in the course, if I don’t jump on registering now then my track towards renewing my educational dream (as uncertain as I may be) will be gone. Well that’s being dramatic, what I mean to say is that my goal will just be delayed and I’m sure I’ll be facing this decision again when I receive the message to register for the spring term. So what am I waiting for again? I’ve already settled it that I can do this…then why the delay?? Maybe I’ll ponder that some more before I register after all I do have a few more days!