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Month: September 2013

Week 1

Week 1Almost done with Week 1 of the course and I’m feeling pretty good. My posts are nowhere near the level of sophistication of that of my peers in the course. Some of the posts are so intricate in detail tying individual experiences to the course materials and readings for the week.  I am almost surprised at the level of participation but then again it is Brandeis.  Meanwhile, I’m lucky if I can stay awake during my readings. Twice I sat down to read (two different readings, both quite interesting), then I fell asleep. Complete dozed right in my chair! With my kids keeping me up every night this week (not to worry, I generally get a good night’s sleep between 2 and 4 am), weekends full of activities and a full time job – I feel like I have been “pulling an all-nighter” as an undergraduate student, which oddly enough I never had to do as an undergraduate! I’m sure once the kids start sleeping and the activities slow down, I’ll get into a nice momentum of reading, learning, posting…just in time for the course to end.

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5-MinutesRegistered. Do I have to write more?  About a month after I finally said I would register for a course (and 4 blog posts later), I finally registered. It took a mere 5, maybe 10, minutes to complete the task. I took longer contemplating the action than it took to register for the course. I scanned the course online, knowing I’ll be back later after dinner and way after it gets dark to really read the instructor’s posts. I printed the syllabus because hey, even though it’s an online course doesn’t mean I have to go “paperless”. I skimmed it and was glad I printed it because I will be reading that thing all semester long. I’m bit terrified of what I actually have to do and the amount of words I have to actually write. Once I cross the other hurdle and actually post by first post, I’ll be fine…I’m sure, right? Yeah I’ll be fine. Yup, I’m sure of it.

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