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Month: November 2013

All Done

jobdoneDone…need I say more? Give me a couple of days to rest and I’ll write more. For now, my course is done and I need a break!

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Reaching My Goal!

Week 9A dear friend of mine hired a cleaning lady during the time she was completing her master’s degree. I was a bit shocked that she would spend the money on something that she could easily find time to complete.  Fresh out of college with little personal/family commitment outside of my full time job, I just did not get it.  That was then and this is now.  As I finish up week 9 of my course with many more personal/family/work commitments that I could ever imagine, I am ready to hire that cleaning lady! Along with a chef, nanny, dry cleaner and chauffeur!! To be truly honest, the course increasingly got harder and harder as the weeks passed.  I have to complete a topic paper, discussions posts, group project and presentation as well as team paper.  I’m stressed a bit but I step back and think, I will be done with a master’s course at Brandeis in less than a week. I would have accomplished something that not all people can say they have accomplished. As I said before…I can do this, I’m sure of it!

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Week 7

Week 7It’s been a while but what can I say? I’ve been busy. I am wrapping up week 7 of my course and it is hard to believe that there are less than 3 full weeks of coursework left.  There are many hurdles I have to overcome in between birthday parties, holidays, work events but I’ll get there. I keep repeating to myself “I’m almost done”, “I’m almost done”, “I’m almost done”. I’m nervous about my grade between the remaining papers I have left to submit and my group project but these sleepless nights will be worth it…I’m sure of it. I may have said this in past weeks but I can actually take what I’m learning and directly contribute it what I do at work. I’m still surprised at how I am making these connections as I didn’t have it this evident in my first master’s degree program. Look at me being all optimistic and stuff. I am actually enjoying this class despite some bumps and bruises these past 7 weeks. Let’s see if I’m still optimistic when my final grade is received!

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