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Where: Pfizer Inc: Cambridge, MA

Position: Several Positions available in Human Genetics and Computational Biomedicine

The advance of human genetics in recent years driven by the large scale human genome-sequencing and genome-wide association in multiple disease areas has brought the research community and pharmaceutical industry an unprecedented opportunity to utilize this information and technology to facilitate innovative drug discovery and development. Pfizer has now reached a key point at which human genetics is sufficiently mature to aid the drug discovery process in several important areas.

Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and Neuroscience stand out as areas where genetic research has been successful, suggesting that increased emphasis and resource may yield ever more safe and efficacious precision medicines. A combination of genetic epidemiology and functional genomics will facilitate our ability to identify mechanisms, indications, patients and biomarkers, all of which would be guided by an evidence base in humans.

Opportunities also exist to integrate human genetics with other types of data measured in clinical research such as gene expression via RNAseq, protein measurements in peripheral blood, structural and functional brain imaging, and immune cell responses to treatment. This will enable holistic view of biomarker response. Carefully designed and implemented pharmacogenetic studies of drug responses in clinical trials could provide novel mechanistic learnings to support combination therapy or biomarkers for patient stratification.

Pfizer is looking for experts in human genetics with sound knowledge of applying human genetics and genomics as tools for target discovery/validation, biomarker/indication identification, patient stratification through genetic association analyses and functional biology studies.


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