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Members of the Brandeis GPS Community may submit job postings from within their industries to advertise exclusively to our community. This is a great way to further connect and seek out opportunities as they come up. If you are interested in posting an opportunity, please complete the following form found here.

Where: Stakd (remote position, but office space is available in Hoboken, NJ and Boston, MA)

About: STAKD is a mobile app to lend and borrow money with your peer network — like Venmo but for loans. Users can create, share, and pay down a personal loan within our app. We have 4 software engineers, 2 non-technical Co-Founders, and are members of 3 prestigious incubator programs that provide us office space in Boston, MA and Hoboken, NJ. Still, our founders based out of New York City.

Position: UI/ Graphic Designer

Position Details:  STAKD is seeking a talented junior-to-senior level graphic designer to design our mobile app from scratch, for both Android and iOS. You’ll have access to our current mockups, which have been user tested, to draw on for UX patterns — but we expect you to inject unique and original UI elements, states, transitions, and animations to result in a simple yet effective consumer product.

Responsibilities:  Design STAKD’s mobile app


  • Proficient with Photoshop, Sketch and/or Illustrator
  • Experience designing iOS or Android apps
  • Color, typography, and interface design
  • Experience with prototyping
  • HTML/CSS a bonus
From STAKD: We will issue a monthly stipend of $300 to $500 at the onset of this project — but after a 3-month period, we will, additionally, issue an equity stake in our company to engage you as a lead designer and partner. Hourly commitments will be 15/wk. *note this is a remote position and candidates are free to accept concurrent positions — be them full-time, part-time or freelance.

To receive full consideration for this position, candidates are asked to submit a Resume/CV to Adam Zeiff at

Please make sure to reference seeing this position through the Brandeis GPS job spotlight post.

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